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Liaoning Dongya Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which was set up in 1992 and the former is Liaoning Dongya International Seed Co., Ltd., engages in seed research, production, marketing and international trade business. The main business of the company is seeds of vegetables, sunflowers and corn. The company also deals in the processing and export of other agricultural products.

There are 109 technicians in the company, which include 16 doctors and 17 masters. There are dependent vegetable seed breeding institute and new varieties demonstration center. The breeding researching subjects include tomato, peppers, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, radish, squash, cucumber and watermelon etc. More than 20 new varieties, such as tomato Dongfen series, pepper Hot Star, Radish Genius, melon Beauty Jade, Chinese cabbage Jinfeng have entered the market and increased the sales volume year by year.

We have established abroad business relationships with more than 50 seed companies in over 40 countries and the varieties bred by the company has entered into the international market step by step. At the same time as our export of our own good varieties, we also import good varieties from other countries and introduce them to the Chinese market. The varieties imported have amount to more than 300 and been spread to more than 20 provinces of China. Some of the imported varieties have become the main varieties of some local area.

In the beginning of its establishment, the main businesses of the company are contract production with seed companies from other countries and international trade. Now the businesses have been expanded to research, production and joint development on sales, marketing and exchange and cooperation. The company become a member of APSA in 1993 and joined the ASTA in 1994. We also attend ISF congress each year.

In nowadays, we have built up our good sales network. With a view of common cooperation and comment benefit, we have set up the sales agent in more than 20 provinces of china. The stable production bases, experienced techniques and technicians, good sales network, qualified staffs ensure the company the confidence in the future. We are striding into the 21st century with a sustainable strategy. We wish to create a bright tomorrow for the seed industry with seedsman all together.

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